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Business broker company in Russia
  • Diamond mining in the Republic of Sakha, Russia
    We need $ 100 million,
    a year later the cost of your stake in the company will be $ 200 million.
  • The plant for the production of oil equipment
    The scientific and technical company exists more than 16 years.
    The required amount of investment from 7,455,000 $
    Or investments in the company's projects from $ 7,270,000 with a full refund within 8 months.
  • Factoring project in Russia
    Return on loans granted 100% due to credit insurance.
    Income from loans granted 5% per annum in the currency of US dollars.

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We offer investments in reliable projects.

Our company evaluates a large number of projects in Russia and selects the best for foreign investors. We worked with investors from China, Turkey, Israel. Contact us and check out our projects.


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